Marketing Property

Have Your Property Online on 30+ Websites 

After we create a custom listing, we post it all over the internet! We take it one step further and specifically target local listings that work in your area.


After your listing is posted, we do daily and weekly maintenance to make your listing stays fresh!

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All Calls, Text Messages, and Online Messages Handled

We take all your incoming leads! This includes phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, emails, Zillow requests and more! We follow up with every lead and encourage renters to move to the next step of the leasing process.

We keep you in the loop with daily reporting so you can see the status of your leads for your properties.

All Renters are Prescreened

We help you develop your custom prescreening criteria and prescreen all potential renters against it before they schedule a showing. We want to make sure you are getting quality renters!


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Marketing Property

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